What are T4 Projects?

Our projects are decentralized collaborative ventures, which are planned, developed and executed on our network by a selected think tank of experts of the respective project areas.

As a T4 member, you can participate in all projects in the network if you can meet the project requirements.

Project shares are distributed to participating members according to the success factors of a project, such as capital, material assets, manpower, etc., that they contribute. Our system was designed to be able to share a project’s success with the founding and participating members in a clean and transparent way.

T4 Performance Indicators

Earning power and community impact

T4 Mission

Its our purpose to optimize the earning power and community benefits of our projects in order to promote the economic opportunities, health and freedom of our members.

T4 Statute

We only promote and work on what is good for people and the earth.

T4 Vision

We hope that one day countless useful T4 projects and undertakings will have been created. We envision these projects to provide permanent measurable benefits to each and every member. We hope that these projects will reflect healthy values and useful know-how. We expect that T4 Network will be recognized as a brand and a global influencer in decentralized financial freedom.

Real money and real values?

The free money of the future – will not be a centralized fiat currency – but rather an easily divisible value that uses blockchain to compile holdings in tangible assets with covered earning power and from the demand of the decentralized market.

Our envisioned result is the Token for Network (TFN).

This Network Token will allow members to trade and own automated and blockchain settled equity stakes of T4 projects.

The T4 network is an example framework for a global financial system in which participation in businesses and beneficial projects can be conducted at a worldwide level via the Internet and Blockchain.

Our joint work at T4 Network in relation to TFN is done by a specialized think tank that has worked behind the scenes in all related markets for years. The main aspect of this work is to transform the existing financial supply chain infrastructure, reduce it to its essential components and reassemble it for the 21st century and improve it with latest technology and to ultimately be able to create and transparently share opportunities for growth with our community and later with the world.

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