Our mission

Financially independent & free of limitations

How to earn money sustainably, secure and multiply it and improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones together with other free thinkers.


How much could we do together if we did not have to work hard every day to be able to pay rent or mortgage at the end of the month?

Or maybe you have your finances very well under control, but are justifiably concerned about whether it will stay that way or whether you have taken the right measures?

If everyone could devote themselves to what they love doing - what world is possible?

If everyone, whether they come from a poor family, are studying etc., simply had enough money every day to live well and had enough time to keep in touch with friends - what would our society be like?

Imagine the power that lies in a group that is financially free and spiritually independent!

The problem is that there is far from enough widespread, useful knowledge and too little interconnectedness.

Financial institutions sell standard products with low returns, and financing is structured in such a way that the children are already included as repayers when the contract is concluded.

Individual families no longer have time to get together because everyone has to fight for themelves.


This is where the T4 mission comes in!

We promote economic opportunities of our members by making it possible for them to...

  • find business opportunities
  • meet each other
  • learn
  • earn money, secure it and multiply it
  • Exchange ideas
  • work together
  • make the right decisions: (financial) decisions; (asset) decisions; (life) decisions; among others...

These options are embedded in a trusted network.

The projects are supported by a "think tank" of international experts who are researching alternatives to the traditional hamster wheel life.

True to the motto:

Alone we are faster. Together we can go much farther.

The key to this is:

Know today what will be tomorrow and have the ability to apply this knowledge!

The T4 offers its members:

As the heart of the T4 network, our protected member area with the affiliated Top4You Academy. This is not just about financial knowledge, but about life in all its facets. Including:

  • Forums on specific topics: quickly find informations and Experts .
  • Partner programs for people who want to bring in their own connections.
  • Crypto-currency trend analyses and the Crypto Growth Investment Club
  • Everything you can know about gold and silver .
  • Markets of the present! Knowledge that is a must for every free thinker!
  • Live webinars, educational videos, guides on the topics of freedom and prosperity.


Become part of our community!

Cat in a bag? Not with us!

First you will get to know us and the advantages of a membership with T4.

No money, no cryptos, no credit card required.

Join us today!

Our test membership* offers 7 days of unrestricted Access to our complete network and content catalogue.

Totally risk-free!


It's quite simple:

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Data protection comes first!

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Membership with added value

By the way:

If after or during your 7-day Trial Membership* you activate one of the available memberships, you will also become part of our successful affiliate team!

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