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About T4

The Top4You Foundation is a corporation registered in the USA. This company developed, owns and operates internet platforms such as T4-Network and the associated top4you.academy.
The T4 Network is an "information distribution network" that functions like a "think tank" for our community. It was created to connect the "freethinkers" of this world and to enable them to become more productive and successful, to grow together and thus ultimately to transform their own reality and, as a result, many realities for the better, namely in the direction of reality.

Our service

Our services are designed to maximize all personal opportunities for our members by enabling you to meet, share ideas, learn, and find, buy and sell opportunities for business, make the right decisions with a variety of networked professionals.
A trustworthy, personal network from person to person, in a protected space, supported by a "think tank" of international experts, from various fields of knowledge, with the aim of improving the living conditions of people on earth.

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