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About T4

The Top4You Foundation is a corporation registered in the USA. This company developed, owns and operates internet platforms such as T4-Network and the associated
The T4 Network is an "information distribution network" that functions like a "think tank" for our community. It was created to connect the "freethinkers" of this world and to enable them to become more productive and successful, to grow together and thus ultimately to transform their own reality and as a result many realities for the better, namely in the direction of reality.

Our service

Our services are designed to maximize all personal opportunities for our members by enabling you to meet, share ideas, learn, and find, buy and sell opportunities for business, making the right decisions with a variety of networked professionals.
A trustworthy, personal network from person to person, in a protected space, supported by a "think tank" of international experts, driven by earning power and added value from projects that we optimize together in the network to promote economic opportunities, health and freedom for our members.



Not tied to a specific location. The only requirement: Internet access!

100% Liquidity

of all your funds, no waiting, no holds barred.

100 % reputable

No liability risks, ethical & legally inviolable, no loss due to fraud possible.

No cancellation liability

Once earned & credited in real time, directly available!

No MLM system

Fair, simple and uncomplicated! Whoever is active gets compensated!

No sale necessary

You neither have to be able to "sell", nor should you learn how to do it.



Professional analysis of traders for independent use, including explanatory videos.


Help other people to become more independent by recommending your own experiences with us.

Investment club

long-term asset accumulation through long-term crypto-investment, without the need for your own time and expert knowledge


"I've been with the company exactly one year. It was a whole new world for me at first. But through the analyses of T4 I was able to orientate myself very quickly and actively participate in the events. “


"T4 gave me a great introduction to the crypto world:
Background information on market developments,
Helpful analyses for the right entry and the safe exit from a coin,
Explanation of technical terms and
Security with the handling of wallets, stock exchanges and much more".


10 days free trial membership!

You get full access to the network with all functions. So you can look at, get to know and (question) everything at your leisure. All membership options for renewal can be found in the network marketplace or you will be automatically logged out after 10 days without any follow-up costs.

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